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Cat Crew

Cat Crew

What is UNI Now?

UNI Now is an extended orientation that occurs the week before classes begin. This program prepares new students for success at UNI by helping them make connections with other students, faculty, and staff, take care of last-minute business, become acquainted with campus and Cedar Falls, discover UNI Traditions, engage in exciting social events, and find out what it means to be a Panther!

What is Cat Crew?

A group of undergraduate student leaders who facilitate the UNI Now program for new students. Cat Crew members serve as leaders and guides to the incoming class by providing an introduction to campus and its resources and preparing students for both academic and co-curricular success.

Please note that this is a volunteer opportunity. Although it is unpaid, members of Cat Crew will receive plenty of perks/swag and will be able to move-in early. 

Group Lead Description:

  • Lead a group of new students through UNI Now programming (August 19-23, 2020)
  • Actively attend each session of UNI Now with the assigned group
  • Be proactive in assisting students and leading by example
  • Facilitate activities and discussions within small groups to promote and maintain morale
  • Track small group attendance and participation
  • Assist with new student move-in on August 16 & August 19
  • Serve as a positive representative of UNI

Building Lead Description:

  • Lead, communicate with and assist Group Leads 
  • Provide support in the transition of the students in assigned building
  • Help with UNI Now program logistics and administrative duties 
  • Contribute to the planning of summer training for Group Leads
  • Manage direction booth/volunteer sign-ups
  • Attend and evaluate all UNI Now sessions
  • Participate in debrief meeting at the beginning of fall semester

Resident Assistants:

  • Assist Cat Crew in gathering their student groups as support to the UNI Now program
  • Attend UNI Now events when available
  • Help with new student move-in
  • Attend the House Welcome Meeting with Cat Crew
  • Assist with the Panther Kick-Off and class photo in McLeod/UNIDome
  • Participate in the Panther Block Party and S.H.A.D.E. Carnival with houses