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Frequently Asked Questions

What is UNI Now!? 

The UNI Now! experience is the next step in preparing incoming students for success at UNI. This program will help you get connected with new and returning students, discover UNI traditions, attend fun and engaging events, and find out what it means to be a Panther! All new undergraduate students admitted for fall 2021 are expected to attend. 

Is UNI Now! required? 

UNI Now! is an integral part of your transition to UNI. The choice to attend is similar to whether or not you choose to attend class, or get involved on campus. Just like regular class attendance is important for academic success, your participation in UNI Now! is important for adjusting and getting you acquainted with your new campus. 

When does UNI Now! start? 

UNI Now! for fall 2021 dates coming soon!

Do I have to register for UNI Now!?

No registration is necessary. Just show up ready to have a great experience!

Do I have to pay for this program? 

There is no additional cost for participating in UNI Now!.

Do I have to attend UNI Now! and orientation? What is the difference? 

Orientation provides your first introduction to campus resources and includes registration for your first semester of classes. UNI Now! allows more time for making new friends, learning about UNI traditions and campus resources in an in-depth and hands-on format, and preparing for your first day of class the following week. 

Do I have to stay the entire time? 

We expect that students who attend UNI Now! will participate in all sessions. This maximizes your opportunity to make new friends, learn about campus, and prepare for a successful first semester.

When do I move in? 

Please refer to the Department of Residence website at

Where should I park?

For questions regarding parking and current construction when you are arriving to campus, please visit

What if I don't live on-campus?

All new students, regardless of where they live, are strongly encouraged to participate in UNI Now!.  UNI Now! is especially important for off-campus students, since it provides an early opportunity to make friends, get involved, and find connections to the campus community.

Is UNI Now! for transfer students too? 

Absolutely! UNI Now! is a program for all new students. We have developed UNI Now! programming specifically designed for new transfer students. We recognize that transfer students bring a unique perspective, including previous academic and co-curricular higher education experiences, and we want to make sure we build on what you already know. 

What if I am in Panther Marching Band camp during the UNI Now! program?

Panther Marching Band (PMB) students will be able to participate in some aspects of fall UNI Now! programming. Students will be excused from PMB rehearsal to attend certain UNI Now! events, which will be outlined in your camp schedule upon arrival. 

What if I am working on-campus and I have training? 

If your on-campus employer has notified you of training commitments the week before classes begin, just email back to request an alternate training time due to your UNI Now! involvement. 

What if I am attending the final orientation/registration session the Friday before classes begin? 

If you are attending the final orientation/registration, you will still be able to participate in the UNI Now! program. 

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