Student Success and Retention

decorative wall with University of Northern Iowa on it, campanile and Rod Library in the background
Students at Orientation
Student tour on campus
Students blowing bubbles
UNI Business Faculty Member with a student
Students playing game at Orientation
Students in front of Curris Hall
Students on campus tour

Orientation Staff

Kristin Woods


Name: Kristin Woods

Director of Student Success & Retention

Bailey Jimmison

 Name: Bailey Jimmison

Orientation Coordinator


Hannah Shuler


 Name: Hannah Shuler

Orientation Intern

Hometown: Kenosha, WI

Kristen Ahart


Name: Kristen Ahart

Parent and Guest Program Assistant

Hometown: Denison, IA

James Prier


Name: James Prier

Student Engagement Program Assistant 

Hometown: Ryan, IA



Baylee Milam




Name: Baylee Milam

Major: Family Services/ SWAG

Hometown: Nevada, IA



Beto Castrejon



Name: Beto Castrejon

Major: Business Management

Hometown: Des Moines, IA

Caleb Gipple




Name: Caleb Gipple

Major: Deciding 

Hometown: New Sharon, IA


CJ Aldape




Name: CJ Aldape

Major: Math Education 

Hometown: Chicago, IL

CJ Carter




Name: CJ Carter

Major: Movement and Exercise Sciende

Hometown: Bettendorf, IA

Elle Boeding




Name: Elle Boeding

Major: Political Communication

Hometown: Monticello, IA


Emily McDermott




Name: Emily McDermott

Major: Physical Education

Hometown: Atlantic, IA

Josh Mostaert




Name: Josh Mostaert

Major: English Teaching 

Hometown: Walcott, IA


Juan Hernandez




Name: Juan Hernandez

Major: TESOL/ Spanish

Hometown: Des Moines, IA


Katie Campbell




Name: Katie Campbell

Major: English/ Graphic Design

Hometown: Norwalk, IA

Karina Valdivia




Name: Karina Valdivia

Major: Accounting

Hometown: Sioux City, IA


Kindra Petersen




Name: Kindra Petersen

Major: Middle Level Education

Hometown: Muscatine, IA

Lindsay Kearns




Name: Lindsay Kearns

Major: Communication Science and Disorders

Hometown: Mason City, IA


Marissa Ward




Name: Marissa Ward

Major: Family Services

Hometown: Marengo, IA


Megan Lenstra




Name: Megan Lenstra

Major: Communication- Theatre Teaching

Hometown: Dubuque, IA

Meka Mosley




Name: Meka Mosley

Major: Sociology/ Anthropology

Hometown: Fort Dodge, IA

Samantha Holtkamp




Name: Samantha Holtkamp

Major: Elementary Education

Hometown: Mount Pleasant, IA



Sydney Foster




Name: Sydney Foster

Major: Biology- Teaching

Hometown: Pleasant Hill, IA