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ALEKS is a mathematics placement exam used at the University of Northern Iowa to determine appropriate placement in math course(s), along with select business, chemistry and physics courses. The following students are expected to complete the placement test prior to orientation:

  • All entering freshmen

  • All entering transfer students who are planning to enroll in any math, physics or chemistry class during their time at UNI

The ALEKS assessment consists of 20 to 35 questions and takes approximately one to two hours to complete. A built-in calculator is provided when appropriate. There is no fee for taking the assessment the first time, or for up to four re-takes within a twelve month time period.  Once you take the initial assessment, you will be required to spend at least five hours working through the online review modules within ALEKS in order to access a re-take. These online review modules assist students in addressing areas of deficiency as determined by the ALEKS assessment.

After students' initial twelve month subscription to ALEKS review modules and re-takes expires, they have the option of purchasing an additional twelve month subscription to ALEKS review modules and retakes for $15.  Click here for step-by-step instructions on how to purchase this additional access. Course code: E34RF-CMY4F

Access ALEKS through your MyUNIverse account by using your CatID login and password. MyUNIverse is accessible online at:

If you experience any technical difficulties with the ALEKS software, contact ALEKS technical support directly at (714) 619-7090 or

ALEKS does offer a placement exam that is compatible with screen reading technology.  If you would like access to this version of the exam, please email or call 319-273-2332.

If you have additional questions check the FAQ link under ALEKS tab at the top of this page, or contact or the Math Department at 319-273-6952.